The Noah Principle

Trying to build their futures, two young expats become expendable pawns. Tormented by paranoia, a wealthy financier seeks to conceal the sins of his past. Economic chaos ignites ethnic tensions, dragging Indonesia to the brink of collapse.

To survive Cain Shaw and his friend Charlie must see past their ambition to discover the true reason for their unusual assignment to discover why a Hong Kong investment bank is worried about Indonesia’s economy. Their situation becomes desperate when a company director is killed at a time when the economic maelstrom wreaking havoc across Asia, opens fissures in Indonesia’s social fabric.

Hi, I'm Steven Clark

Like many Scots before him, Clark was eager to see the world. He studied International Politics with a focus on East Asia before spending half his life working there as a Broadcast Journalist, Documentary maker, and International News Desk Editor.

It was the perfect sector for someone fascinated by the region’s history and culture, allowing him to visit many countries, learn about how people lived, and absorb useful fragments of languages. Of all the stories he had the privilege of covering, the economic, political, and social upheaval caused by fallout from the late-90s Asian Financial Crisis made the Perfect canvas for The Noah Principle as it vividly demonstrated the usually veiled issue of ethnic discord in South East Asia.

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The Noah Principle

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